Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper restaurant

Bell Pepper Restaurant is a destination for the food lovers who look for authentic regional specialties, specifically Indian cusines. With a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, The Bell Pepper menu has been crafted with a team of highly skilled chef.Bell Pepper Restaurant offers the finest traditional cuisine of India taking forward the celebration of its exotic and colourful culture. A right mix of taste, health and ambience for that eternal experience that relieves you off your busy schedule. The restaurant is family - oriented, where you can enjoy meals with your near and dear ones and feel safe in its warm servicing and customized attention. Trade on the Bell Pepper was a significant factor in the development of the civilizations of the Indian Subcontinent. Bell Pepper was not just the major item that was traded with China but along with it many other significant changes were imported as well. Religion, philosophies, art and culture made its way into the lives of the Indians. Exchange of Spices and culture made a deep rooted effect on the Pan Asian Cuisine.

Bell Pepper offers you a choice from a variety of exotic cuisines. From quenching your thirst, to pampering your appetite, all works of the restaurant are done with utmost pleasure.